Charitable Giving

Brooksee truly appreciates the willingness of host communities to open their doors to our events. As we have gracious hosts, we aim to be gracious guests. That is why, in connection with each of our events, we donate a portion of each participant's entry fee to local nonprofit groups that tend to have environment, educational, and/or health-related causes. We welcome the input of local leaders concerning which nonprofit groups would be the best beneficiaries of our patnership.

Our experience with Brooksee has been incredibly positive. We promote a healthy and sustainable community, and Brooksee has helped by donating thousands of dollars. We wholeheartedly endorse their events and recommend them to any interested party.

Barbara Cameron
President-Big Cottonwood Community Council

In addition to the direct financial support we offer these nonprofit groups, we also provide many other benefits to them such as providing volunteers for their activities, advertising their causes on our website and social media outlets, and educating our participants and the public about issues they are involved with. It is our way of giving back to the communities that we partner with.