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Each of us individually (and/or as parent and/or guardian of the named minor) do hereby release, remise, waive and forever discharge, the State of Utah, the Utah Department of Transportation, the Utah Transportation Commission, the Utah Highway Patrol, and their officers, agents and employees from all liability, claims, demands, actions or causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to loss, or damages and/or injuries, including death, which may result from my participation in the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer (the Event) involving roads within the Utah State Highway system.

I know that a road race is a potential hazardous activity. I should not enter unless I am medically and properly trained. I also know that, although police protection may be provided, there could be traffic on the course route, therefore, I assume any and all risk of running this event including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, and the condition of the road. I understand I am solely responsible for my own safety while participating in this event. Knowing these facts, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, or anyone else who might sue on my behalf, covenant not to sue, and waive, release from liability and discharge the founders, owners, directors, managers, and employees; race officials and volunteers; and any and all other sponsors, suppliers, agents, states, state agencies and police department their representative, successors, or assigns; universities, cities, counties, localities, independent contractors and other personnel in any way assisting or associated with this Event from any and all claims or liability of death, personal injury, or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or in the course of my participation. This release and waiver extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, know or unknown. I also understand that all registration fees are subject to non-refund based on the refund policy outlined on afcanyonrun.com.

I authorize Intermountain Healthcare to release the following information to the public in relation to any images, videos or film taken at the AF Canyon Run Against Cancer. I give authorization and release my information to Intermountain Healthcare to be disclosed in news media, public relations, publications, advertising, fundraising purposes, social media channels, and other communications. I understand I can cancel this photo release agreement, through writing the Communications department, at any time, for any reason, so my information cannot be disclosed in the future. The address is:

Intermountain Healthcare Communications
36 South State Street, Floor 22
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Otherwise, this release will not expire as long as Intermountain Healthcare continues operations. I understand a cancellation will not affect any release prior to the receipt of my revocation, and that Intermountain is not liable for information already disseminated. Refusing or changing my mind will not negatively affect me or my family in terms of treatment, payment, or patient benefits.

Federal privacy rules govern Intermountain’s usage of this information, including allowing me to request, in writing, a copy of any information shared or used under this authorization. I understand that others will see the information shared publicly because of this release. They may not be governed by the same Federal privacy rules.

This release is a contract with legal and binding consequences and it applies to all activities relating to the Event. I have read this document carefully before signing, and I understand what it means and what I am agreeing to by signing for myself or on behalf of a minor.

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97th Floor is the Title Sponsor of AF Canyon Run Against Cancer

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97th Floor is the Title Sponsor of AF Canyon Run Against Cancer
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